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Here's my life

If you feel like reading it

31 August 1989
Let's see, I am a college student who started this journal the summer after freshman year to keep up with my bestest friend. I know that my posting schedule is so random that there is no chance that you will see a constant pattern.

I write about whatever comes to mind and whenever I have the energy to post. But I check my friend's page daily. So Whatever you post, I read.

Me? Well I am a flirt that doesn't always know if I have gone to far, so please tell me if I have. I am waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet, but I am not counting on it. Hopelessly romantic at heart, I live for the little gestures. I am a good friend, almost to a fault. I will always be there for those I care about, even if it means that I am hurting myself in the long run.

That is all for know.